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I have noticed there is no signal/event for when a QWidget becomes visible/invisible. Is there anything else I can hook to get roughly the same thing (except polling isVisible())?

I want to turn of some data fetching if the widget that displays the data is not visible.

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Note that while the QWidget base class does not have a signal for this, you will find there is one for some other classes. QWindow has visibleChanged for instance...while QDockWidget has the oddly-slightly-different-name visibilityChanged. –  HostileFork Feb 8 at 23:35

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One solution is, you can override QWidget::showEvent() and QWidget::hideEvent() function in your widget (documentation). And then emit you custom signal and catch in a slot in the respective object. For example..

void MyWidget::hideEvent(QHideEvent *)
    // 'false' means hidden..
    emit widgetVisibilityChanged(false);

void MyWidget::showEvent(QShowEvent *)
    // 'true' means visible..
    emit widgetVisibilityChanged(true);

Now if you cannot override your widget, you can also receive above events in its parent widget using QObject::installEventFilter ( QObject * filterObj ) and QObject::eventFilter ( QObject * watched, QEvent * event ) combination (documentation and example).

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