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I have started using the PivotalTracker gem in my Ruby on Sinatra-Padrino.

It provides really good API(s), but I am stuck in a requirement. I want the sum of the points/estimates of all the stories which are features.

What I tried (project is an instance of the PT project):

project.stories.all({ :story_type => ['feature'],  :includedone=>true }).sum(:estimate)

but this throws an error

undefined method `+' for #<PivotalTracker::Story:0x00000003aae9e0>

I then tried passing estimate as a filter parameter as well, but that returned with a internal server error.

Now, my problem lies where I had started from. Is there any way to achieve the above requirement? If not, please suggest any other gem which can provide a feature/functionality to achieve the above requirement.

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Not sure if this is the best way but you can try with:

project.stories.all({ :story_type => ['feature'],  :includedone=>true }).map(&:estimate).sum
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