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I've got some legacy code that I want to upgrade to generics:

     * Places in this World
  public Map places;

     * Players watching this World
  public Collection players;

     * A reference to the Adventure using this World
  public Adventure owner;

     * Create a World.  `a' is a reference to the Frame itself.
     * This reference is used when loading images and sounds.
     * @param a An instance of adventure.
  public World( Adventure a ) {
    places = new HashMap();
    players = new LinkedList();
    owner = a; 

My IDE warns me that I have not parametrized the variables places and players so I should add generics to this code but how? When I add <> or <Place> to the `places´ object then it says it is not generics so however I do it turns out wrong. Could you tell me how to modernize this part of my code to using generics?


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As for places...

First, add types to places. Assuming each value is a Place, and each key is a String:

public Map<String, Place> places;

(You need two types: one for the keys, and one for the values.)

Then, in your constructor, do the same thing.

Like so:

public World(Adventure a) {
    places = new HashMap<String, Place>();

The other fields are simpler; LinkedList and Collection should only require one type, and if this is old old code, Adventure (being part of that code) wouldn't need any.

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Great, it works. I didn't have to change the Adventure declaration and following your advice for the other objects it's now working without warning. Thanks! – Programmer 400 Jun 7 '12 at 8:20

When I add <> or <Place> to the places object then it says it is not generics

Since you don't show us the exact code, neither the exact error message, one can only guess... Maybe you added it after places (which is syntactically incorrect), or you added only a single generic type parameter to Map (which needs two: key and value)?

The correct way is

public Map<KeyType, Place> places;

where KeyType stands for the type of the key you wish to use. Once you change this declaration, you also need to update all other references to the map type, like

places = new HashMap<KeyType, Place>();
public Map<KeyType, Place> getPlaces() ...

and possibly also external calls, e.g. to a setter (if there is one).

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I think you have to add the type of the objects you want to put in the Map and in the Collection :

public Map<PlaceClass> places;

public Collection<PlayerClass> players;

public World( Adventure a ) {
    places = new HashMap<PlaceClass>();
    players = new LinkedList<PlayerClass>();
    owner = a; 

Where PlaceClass and PlayerClass are the class names of your Player and Place objects.

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