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I have a question, since I'm not a database hero. I have the following models:

class Hardware(db.Model):
    title        = db.StringProperty()
    description  = db.TextProperty()
    visible      = db.BooleanProperty()
    reservations = db.ListProperty(db.Key)

class Reservation(db.Model):
    between      = db.DateProperty()
    until        = db.DateProperty()
    user         = db.UserProperty()
    item         = db.ReferenceProperty()
    active       = db.BooleanProperty()
    archive      = db.BooleanProperty()

class UserData(db.Model):
    user         = db.UserProperty()
    nickname     = db.StringProperty()
    admin        = db.BooleanProperty()
    locked       = db.BooleanProperty()

In a later stage I would like to see what reservations a user made. For that I wanted to have another ReferenceProperty in the Reservation Model. But I can't. I get an error then

DuplicatePropertyError: Class Model already has property reservation_set 

And I can't user the UserProperty anymore since I need to make Reservations for other users then just mine.


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Try giving each ReferenceProperty a unique collection_name Docs

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As simple as that. Thank you very much. –  ichbinadrian Jun 7 '12 at 13:36

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