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I have an application which at some points raises 1000 events almost at the same time. What I would like to do is to batch the events to chunks of 50 items and start processing them every 10 seconds. There's no need to wait for a batch to complete before starting a new batch processing.

For example:

10:00:00: 10000 new events received
10:00:00: StartProcessing (events.Take(50))
10:00:10: StartProcessing (events.Skip(50).Take(50))
10:00:15: StartProcessing (events.Skip(100).Take(50))

Any ideas how to achieve this? I suppose Reactive Extensions is the way to go but other solutions are acceptable too.

I tried to start from here:

        var bufferedItems = eventAsObservable

But noticed that the delay didn't work as I hoped for and instead all the batches started simultaneously, though 5 seconds delayed.

I also tested the Window-method, but I didn't notice any difference in behavior. I suppose the TimeSpan in Window actually means that "take every event which happens in the next 10 seconds:

        var bufferedItems = eventAsObservable
            .Window(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10), 5)
            .SelectMany(x => x)

I'm using the Rx-Main 2.0.20304-beta.

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If you'd prefer not to sleep threads, you can do this:

var tick = Observable.Interval(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5));

.Zip(tick, (res, _) => res)
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I wish I could upvote this more than once! Just spent three hours trying to figure it out. –  Dan Nov 22 '12 at 16:20
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Try this:

    var bufferedItems = eventAsObservable
        .Do(_ => { Thread.Sleep(10000); });
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