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I'm doing a Android App and I've done that an user can authenticate with OAuth 2.0 in a Youtube account. But when I try to rate a video which is the right URL to rate it.

I send a POST request with this string:

It return this response: "Response contains no content type"


I use this link to check it:

I can do this action sending this POST URL: ""

Adding this headers

  httppost.setHeader("POST", "/feeds/api/videos/sxbHyiwYDiw/ratings");
  httppost.setHeader("GData-Version", "2");
  httppost.setHeader("X-GData-Key", "key=*********");
  httppost.setHeader("Authorization", "AuthSub token=" + getAccessToken());
  httppost.setHeader("Content-Type", "application/atom+xml");

...and adding a xml body

You can check it in the first link: Youtube Demo.

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