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I'm working with PHPExcel to export data for download. When open downloaded files, with cells have big number, it show "#######" instead of value number. I'm tried setAutoSize() for every columns then call $sheet->calculateColumnWidths() but it still not changes. I see calculateColumnWidths() at here, @Mark Baker says "calculateColumnWidths() increase the value by perhaps 5% to try and ensure that the entire column fits". If number length in cell exceed 5%, it seems doen's resolved the problem

UPDATE This is my function to auto size columns:

   function autoFitColumnWidthToContent($sheet, $fromCol, $toCol) {
        if (empty($toCol) ) {//not defined the last column, set it the max one
            $toCol = $sheet->getColumnDimension($sheet->getHighestColumn())->getColumnIndex();
        for($i = $fromCol; $i <= $toCol; $i++) {
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Which autosize method are you applying to the calculation? Approx or Exact? Are you using any particular font? or bold/italic styling? How far out is the figure calculated? Perhaps adding 10% will be better than 5%. –  Mark Baker Jun 7 '12 at 8:24
@MarkBaker I've updated example code for my question. I used setAutoSize() of ColumnDimension class. –  Davuz Jun 7 '12 at 9:09

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First potential problem may be that you're working with column letters. PHP's incrementor operation will work with column letters, so if $i is 'A', then $i++ will give 'B', and if $i is 'Z' than $i++ will give 'AA'; but you can't use <= as your comparator, as 'AA' is <= 'Z' when executed as a straight comparison.

Instead of

for($i = $fromCol; $i <= $toCol; $i++) {


for($i = $fromCol; $i !== $toCol; $i++) {

To add the 5% margin after calling $sheet->calculateColumnWidths() do:

for($i = $fromCol; $i !== $toCol; $i++) {
    $calculatedWidth = $sheet->getColumnDimension($i)->getWidth();
    $sheet->getColumnDimension($i)->setWidth((int) $calculatedWidth * 1.05);
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Thank you! I Use setWidth((int) $calculatedWidth * 1.4); to fit 16 digits. It works good, but I still hope have a function auto completely calculated and set column width ^^. –  Davuz Jun 7 '12 at 11:06
@Panique It work with me. You can try this setWidth((int) $calculatedWidth * 1.4);, change 1.4 to a larger value, 1.6 or 1.8... –  Davuz Aug 16 '12 at 4:03
@all I deleted my comment as the problem was on my side. I really apologize and gave you all a +1. Might the power be with you! –  Sliq Aug 16 '12 at 8:18
Don't forget to call ->setAutoSize(false) on the columns after you increased their width. Otherwise the setAutoSize(true) you set before calling $sheet->calculateColumnWidths() will superseed your manually set widths when saving to an Excel file. –  flu May 21 at 15:41

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