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I want to install the latest stable version of node - Version 0.6.19 (stable).

http://blog.nodejs.org/ indicates to upgrade to NPM to 1.1.24

Is there a simple way to upgrade to this? I can't figure out how exactly to download and target this version.

The below gives me npm -v 1.0.106

npm upgrade npm


npm upgrade npm 1.1.24
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It would be nice to know which OS you are using. When installing node from the source you always get the most current npm installed aside. –  TheHippo Jun 7 '12 at 16:45

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According to the docs

For windows (it also worked on Mac for me)

To update npm, run the npm update npm -g command.

Also verify this

Hope this helps

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Yeah, right, probably OPs problem is upgrade instead of update and missing -g flag. –  elmigranto Jun 7 '12 at 10:28
This didn't work for me on windows. The command completed without output, but the version remains the same. –  B T Nov 16 '13 at 20:25
On Windows npm is installed together with node in "Program Files". Use npm install npm -g to install it in "%AppData%\npm" and delete 'npm', 'npm.cmd' files from "C:\Program Files\nodejs" dir (because your PATH is looking there first). After that you can use npm update npm -g in the future. –  whyleee Jun 13 at 10:03

The only thing that worked for me was (from npm readme)

Fancy Windows Install

You can download a zip file from https://npmjs.org/dist/, and unpack it in the same folder where node.exe lives.

In my case folder is :

C:\Program Files (x86)\nodejs

Edit: It seams that newer versions of npm does not exist on address I wrote. I will copy paste instructions from npm git page

You can download a zip file from https://npmjs.org/dist/, and unpack it in the same folder where node.exe lives.

The latest version in a zip file is 1.4.12. To upgrade to npm 2, follow the Windows upgrade instructions in the npm Troubleshooting Guide:


If that's not fancy enough for you, then you can fetch the code with git, and mess with it directly.

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Thanks, this is all that worked for me on Windows as well. I guess I should have read the readme... –  Michael Martin-Smucker Mar 24 at 22:26
nodejs.org/dist/npm doesn't seem to have the latest version anymore. It has 1.4.12 while the nodejs-package has npm version 1.4.14. Whats up with that? –  He Nrik Jul 1 at 11:06

In ubuntu you can upgrade it using

sudo npm update npm -g
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