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Hi Guys I currently have this table


**ID Position Latitude Longitute**

1   1       1.38086  103.749 
1   2       1.38086  103.749 
1   3       1.38086  103.749    
1   4       1.48086  103.949 
1   5       1.48086  103.949    
1   6       1.48086  103.949 
1   7       1.58086  103.749    

I am current using select * from meber group by latitude,longitute order by position desc.

however this will result in

**ID Position Latitude Longitute**
1   1       1.38086  103.749    
1   4       1.48086  103.949  
1   7       1.58086  103.749    

i wanted the result showing the highest position instead of the lowest position using the group by. any solution

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You have to use a subquery to determine the maximal position for each group, then join that with your select to obtain the desired records:

  SELECT   latitude,longitute,MAX(position) AS position
  FROM     meber
  GROUP BY latitude,longitute
) AS t

Incidentally, the English word is spelled "longitude".

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Please, have a look to my answer too as it may be more appropriate in some performance critical queries. – Olivier Coilland Jun 7 '12 at 15:24
select MAX(position) position,latitude,longitute
from meber
group by latitude,longitute
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This drops the id - perhaps not what the OP was after? – eggyal Jun 7 '12 at 7:39
It is unclear from the question what should happen with the ID column - so I omitted it. select 1 ID,MAX(... might also be a correct solution. – nosid Jun 7 '12 at 7:45

The subquery solution is the most common one.

There's another I like to use as it doesn't involve the subquery:

FROM member M
LEFT JOIN member N
    ON M.latitude = N.latitude
    AND M.longitute = N.longitute
    AND M.position < N.position
WHERE N.position IS NULL

Note that in order to get the lowest position it's as simple as writing M.position > N.position instead.

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