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For example suppose I have the following two functions

function a(param1) {

function b(func, params) {


b(a, 1);

prints '1' as expected

Now suppose I have an additional function

function c(param1, param2) {
    console.log(param1, param2);

Is there some way of doing something similar to

b(a, 1);

Except feeding in two parameters? Something like the following

b(c, [2, 3]);

Where the [2, 3] arrray is unrolled into individual parameters

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Something like this:

function b(func) {
    func.apply(null, [].slice.call(arguments, 1));
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You want to use the apply method of functions. So inside b, use func.apply(this, params) rather than just func(params).

The first argument to apply is what to set this to; the second argument is an array of the arguments to pass to the function.

So something like b.foo(1,2,3) is the same as foo.apply(b, [1,2,3]) assuming b.foo = foo.

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You can use function.apply() method to call a function and pass variable number of arguments using an array. The arguments local variable contains all arguments passed to the function.

function a() {
function b() {
    var args = Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments);
    fn = args.shift(); // first parameter is the function name
    fn.apply(null, args); // pass rest of the arguments to fn
b(a, 1);
b(a, 1, 2);
b(a, 1, 2, 3);
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