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I get the following error on firebug:

this._processor is null

and the error is from the file below, it seems like a default component of Firefox but i don't know what it is for either.


it appears after a while when my application is idle. Do you know what might cause this error, or what this file is for?

Thanks, Sinan

PS. It's a simple filetree application, i use jquery for it, so it can be related to the problem.

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It's FireFox's JavaScript component responsible for fetching your feed items. If you're disturbed by it, you can open that file, wrap that line in a try/catch block and you're done with it.

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ok, i get it now. It doesn't disturb me but i wanted to know if i do something wrong. Thanks. –  Sinan Jul 7 '09 at 14:57

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