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I am working with Freebase, I want to locate some organization from Freebase.

For example, I want to extract location (city, country, ...) from Cardiff University. For that I have made this query to view all properties of the entity:


Link of query here

But O do not see any field of location neither UK, Cardiff or something similar.

I think that Freebase has not got this information, but when I go to webpage, I can see "Cardiff", "Wales"
and "United Kingdom".

How can I retrieve this information?

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When you use the * wildcard property you're asking for all the property values for the specified type which in this case is /education/university. The containedby property that you're looking for is part of /location/location so it doesn't get shown.

There are two ways to show containedby in your query. One is to explicitly ask for that property using the full property path like this:

  "name": "Cardiff University",
  "type": "/education/university",
  "/location/location/containedby": [{}]

The other way is to specify the default type as /location/location and then add the /education/university constraint using a prefix like this:

  "name": "cardiff university",
  "*": [{}],
  "type": "/location/location",
  "f:type": "/education/university"
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