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I need to call a javascript function from php, by passing a value in php variable. My code goes like this:

echo '<tr class="trlight"><td onclick="callVehicle('.$qry_vehicleid.');"><label>Call Vehicle</label>&nbsp;</td></tr>';

And in javascript file I try to execute the following code:

function callVehicle(vid)
alert('Call '+vid);

and an error test is not defined occurs. test is the value that I assigned to variable $qry_vehicleid. Can someone please point out what the mistake is?

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Try adding quotes around your inserted PHP variable.

echo '<tr class="trlight"><td onclick="callVehicle(\''.$qry_vehicleid.\'');"><label>Call Vehicle</label>&nbsp;</td></tr>';
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You are missing a couple of quotes, what you are echoing is:

<td onclick="callVehicle(test);">

and what you want is:

<td onclick="callVehicle('test');">

since test is a string parameter. Your code should be:

echo '<tr class="trlight"><td onclick="callVehicle(\''.$qry_vehicleid.'\');"><label>Call Vehicle</label>&nbsp;</td></tr>';
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Change you PHP code to

echo '<tr class="trlight"><td onclick="callVehicle('.json_encode($qry_vehicleid).');"><label>Call Vehicle</label>&nbsp;</td></tr>';

Naively adding quotes around your value is going to bite you at some point if you try to use a value that already has quotes in it.

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True. Too early in the morning for me, good answer. –  Yannis Jun 7 '12 at 8:36

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