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I've got a WinForms form that contains an ElementHost control (which contains a WPF UserControl) and a Save button.

In the WPF UserControl I've got a text box with some validation on it. Something like this...

<TextBox Name="txtSomething" ToolTip="{Binding ElementName=txtSomething, Path=(Validation.Errors).[0].ErrorContent}">
    <Binding NotifyOnValidationError="True" Path="Something">
            <commonWPF:DecimalRangeRule Max="1" Min="0" />

This all works fine. What I want to do however, is disable the Save button while the form is in an invalid state.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think this should help you:

<UserControl Validation.Error="Validation_OnError >
    <CommandBinding Command="ApplicationCommands.Save" CanExecute="OnCanExecute" Executed="OnExecute"/> 
<Button Command="ApplicationCommands.Save" />

/* put this in usercontrol's code behind */
int _errorCount = 0;
private void Validation_OnError(object sender, ValidationErrorEventArgs e)
    switch (e.Action)
        case ValidationErrorEventAction.Added:
            { _errorCount++; break; }
        case ValidationErrorEventAction.Removed:
            { _errorCount--; break; }

private void OnCanExecute(object sender, CanExecuteRoutedEventArgs e)
    e.CanExecute = _errorCount == 0;

Then you could perhaps inform the mainform about a change with an event registered on the usercontrol.

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Well, I've finally worked out a solution to my problem.

In the WPF control I added this to the Loaded event.

Validation.AddErrorHandler(this.txtSomething, ValidateControl);

Where ValidateControl above, is defined as this:

private void ValidateControl(object sender, ValidationErrorEventArgs args)
    if (args.Action == ValidationErrorEventAction.Added)

Finally I added an event called Validated which contains an IsValid boolean in its event args. I was then able to hook up this event on my form to tell it that the control is valid or not.

If there is a better way I'd be interested to learn.

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