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In extjs 4.1 i wish to have a button in my grid.

I've seen a few approaches such as using a renderer or a action column. I've got this far.

The next step is that i need to catch this event in my controller.

I've tried adding the following but it didn't get called

'#cutterGrid .editRow':{

I'll need to get the selected record.

-- Update

                        cls: 'rowEdit',
                        items: [{
                            icon: '/images/icons/layout_edit.png', 
                            tooltip: 'Edit'

and in my controller

'#cutterGrid actioncolumn':{

and the function called

onCutterSelect : function(gridview, el, rowIndex, colIndex, e, rec, rowEl) {}
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thanks it works! if you add that as an answer i'll accept. I know i mentioned action column. though ideally i would just have text ie "product 1". I guess i could use a renderer for this. But how would i catch this event in my controller with the record. –  frosty Jun 7 '12 at 9:35
well I'm not sure this is the best practice, but you can use the cellclick event and use the rel attribute, for example, as the action name. –  CD.. Jun 7 '12 at 9:46

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Have a look at Mitchell Simoens' Blog:

ActionColumn and MVC

...So we chose to fire a custom event call ‘itemclick’, first we need to decide what kind of arguments we want to fire this event with. The scope of the handler is that of the ActionColumn which is where we are going to fire the event on. We would maybe want the ActionColumn, grid, rowIndex, colIndex, record, eventObject, the node clicked on and since we are firing the event, we can make it easy on ourselves and put a custom argument to tell the action we should take. Let’s look at the code...

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