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As a follow up to a question I had about optimising the conversion of double to string for memory (see c# double to character array or alternative) I wanted to see how double.ToString() is implemented under the hood in .NET. When I use ildasm or DotPeek i get as far as:

public static string FormatDouble(double value, string format, NumberFormatInfo info);


IL_0008:  call string System.Number::FormatDouble(float64,
                                                  class System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo)

And can't drill further. I think if my understanding is right it's because this is a call into the CLR. I wanted to know is there any easy way to find out what the implementation is?



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What about looking at mono source code? Mono simply use IL to do the whole thing without any C code.

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I think WinDbg would be helpful - and did you checkout the implementation in mono?

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