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I think I found a bug in iOS Czech contacts. I've created a Czech contact (With Czech Republic country) that i selected in my application with a ABPeoplePickerNavigationController.

The log of address that ABPeoplePickerNavigationController returned me is:

"Country" : "Czech Republic"
"Street" : "A street"
"CountryCode" : "cs"
"City" : "A city"
"ZIP" : "12345"

So the country code is CS. But when I attempt to retreive the corresponding name,

NSString *countryCode = [address objectForKey:(NSString *)kABPersonAddressCountryCodeKey];
if (countryCode != nil) {
    NSString *countryName = [[NSLocale currentLocale] displayNameForKey:NSLocaleCountryCode value:countryCode];
    name = [[applicationDelegate dataManager] objectForEntityForName:@"Name" withValue:countryName forKey:@"name"];

name gives me : "Serbia and Montenegro" !

According to http://countrycode.org/, the Czech country code is CK, and according to http://xml.coverpages.org/country3166.html, CS is for Czechoslovakia, but "no longer exists"

How would I tell this at Apple ?

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did you try with CZ? –  self Jun 7 '12 at 9:34
I didn't entered CS neither CZ, I've just created my contact, selected "Czech Republic" as country, saved, and accessed him from ABPeoplePickerNavController. But I didn't try to manualy set CZ. I'm pretty sure it would work... –  Martin Jun 7 '12 at 10:14

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You are mixing up country codes (ISO 3166-X) and language codes (ISO 639-X). The language code for Czech language according to ISO 639-1 is "CS".


Note: A long time ago this also used to be the country code for former "Czechoslovakia" in ISO 3166-1, but it has been changed and reassigned (e.g. to Serbia and Montenegro, which now is "YU") several times due to political changes.

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