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I want to extract two nodes from a graph, the catch being that they shouldnt be connected i.e. no direct edge exists between them. i know i can get random edges using "random.choice(g.edges())" but this would give me random nodes that are connected. I want pairs of nodes that are NOT connected (a pair of unconnected edges). help me out guys...thanx

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The Graph is connected but the pairs of nodes that i want...they should'nt be connected. –  irfanbukhari Jun 7 '12 at 9:44
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2 Answers

Simple! :)

Grab a random node - then pick a random node from the list of nodes excluding neighbours and itself. Code to illustrate is below. :)

import networkx as nx
from random import choice

# Consider this graph
#     3
#     |
# 2 - 1 - 5 - 6
#     | 
#     4

g = nx.Graph()

first_node = choice(g.nodes())                  # pick a random node
possible_nodes = set(g.nodes())
neighbours = g.neighbors(first_node) + [first_node]
possible_nodes.difference_update(neighbours)    # remove the first node and all its neighbours from the candidates
second_node = choice(list(possible_nodes))      # pick second node      

print first_node, second_node
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I don't know that library, but I'd guess you could do the following:

  n1 = random.choice(g.nodes())
  n2 = random.choice(g.nodes()) 
  while (n1 == n2 or any of the edges of n1 lead to n2):
    n2 = random.choice(g.nodes())


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