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"Flexicious" a third party component library built for handling very larg data set in DataGrid for flex, The issue is, i am not able to change the search functionality dynamically in a data Grid.

     <flxs:FlexDataGridColumn id="multiselect" dataField="Name" headerText="Name"
        filterControl="NumericTextInput"  headerAlign="center">                                 
        <controls:ComboBox change="changeSel(event)" width="10" height="41" dataProvider="outerDocument.searchArray}">                          


    import com.flexicious.controls.ComboBox;

    import mx.controls.Alert;                               

    public function changeSel(event:Event):void{                                    

    var cbox:ComboBox = event.currentTarget as ComboBox;                                

    if(cbox.selectedItem=="Less Than"){                                         



    }else if(cbox.selectedItem=="Greator Than"){                                        



    }else if(cbox.selectedItem=="Equal To"){                                        



    }else  if(cbox.selectedItem=="Begins With"){                                        








Now when i select any option from the rendered combobox i am not able to change filteroption, however when i alter the filteroperation it dose show me the changed operatioin but in functionality it doesn't change.

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You should call grid.rebuildFilter() after changing the filterOperation

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Thanks man it really helped me... :) –  Nikhil Mahajan Jul 13 '12 at 14:01

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