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I'm working on a Rails project at the moment, and I'm building a view using json_builder to use with the Layar API like so:

layer "Layer name"
errorString "ok"
errorCode 0
hotspots @inspections do |inspection|
    id inspection.slug
    anchor do
        geolocation do
            lat inspection.lat
            lon inspection.lng
    text do
        title inspection.name
        description "#{inspection.rating} out of 5"
        imageURL "http://my-url.com/assets/rating#{inspection.rating}.png"

However, when I load this view in my browser, the title part of my JSON doesn't appear. I've managed to narrow this down to a helper method in my layout_helper file (I've been using nifty-generators), also named title. As I don't need this helper, is there any way of running clear_helpers for this particular controller action only? Or is there a neater way of doing this? (I'm pretty new to Rails, as you can probably tell!)

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I ended up renaming the problematic helper method to pagetitle and changing my views. Sometimes the simplest solutions are easiest!

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In theory you should be able to do the following in your controller:

class SomethingController < ApplicationController
  helper :layout, :except => :show # Or whatever action you want to skip here


So apparently Rails doesn't support that on the helper method, unlike all the similar methods. Unfortunately there doesn't actually seem to be a way to change which helpers are loaded per action. One idea I'm toying with is forcibly unregistering specific helpers per controller action, but it's not pretty.

Relevant API docs: http://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/AbstractController/Helpers/ClassMethods.html

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No dice unfortunately. I get the error helper must be a String, Symbol, or Module. If I leave out the :except bit it works, but obviously that helper is loaded on the action that I want to skip –  Pezholio Jun 7 '12 at 10:43
Right, OK. I've nailed it now. Just renamed the helper method to something else! Sometimes the simplest solutions are the easiest! :) –  Pezholio Jun 7 '12 at 11:07
Great! Updated my answer to point out why it doesn't work, but you should add and accept your own answer :) –  robotmay Jun 7 '12 at 11:12

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