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While writing the ruby code in vim , it doesn't auto-complete the code as shown here. I also don't see the code hinting. Why is that ?

Steps I performed for installation of RSense and Vim Plugin. All the operations are performed as root. I did exactly what has been given in the manual.

password : ************
$ cp -av rsense-0.3 ~/opt
$ cd /root/opt/
$ chmod +x bin/rsense
$ bin/rsense version
Rsense 0.3
$ ruby etc/config.rb > ~/.rsense
$ cat ~/.rsense
$ mkdir -p ~/.vim/plugin
$ cp etc/rsense.vim ~/.vim/plugin

Following are the two lines i added to my vimrc file :

let g:rsenseHome = "/root/opt/"
let g:rsenseUseOmniFunc = 1

Have i missed a thing ? What is that ? Is let g:rsenseHome = "/root/opt/" alright compared to let g:rsenseHome = "$RSENSE_HOME" given here in the manual.

I have used Rsense after reading the Documentation.

RSense 0.3 in the opt directory :

enter image description here

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To activate the completion menu you are supposed to hit <C-x><C-u>; is that what you do or do you expect some sort of "as-you-type" completion? Vim can't do that without third party plugins. What is the location of your "vimrc"? It's supposed to begin with a dot and be here: ~/.vimrc (for you: /root/.vimrc, apparently). – romainl Jun 7 '12 at 12:16
@romainl i wanted as you type completion. vimrc is located in etc/vimrc – Suhail Gupta Jun 8 '12 at 3:56
You really need to step back and learn the basics of the command-line and UNIX first: for starter, you are not supposed to do any day to day activity as root or put anything in /root. Think of root as the administrative account of your machine or as the IT department of your company: they do upgrades, system-wide installs… but they are not the ones working with the machine from 9 to 5. That would be you, not root. When you installed your OS, you were certainly prompted for a user name and password. The ~ you will see in every tutorial is not /root, it's /home/username. – romainl Jun 8 '12 at 5:16
So, stop doing stuff as root, login as username, re-install RSense in ~/opt (/home/username/opt) or /opt as per the manual, put the Vim plugin in ~/.vim/plugin and write your Vim settings in ~/.vimrc. Even then, you won't have autocompletion because Vim doesn't do autocompletion. You'll need another plugin for that which will led to another batch of mistakes and frustrations. If you find all of it complicated/hard to understand you should abandon this idea and get a dedicated Ruby IDE like RubyMine. Or look around for some beginner-level UNIX/CLI/Vim tutorials. Good luck. – romainl Jun 8 '12 at 5:29

Definitely don't put things in as root, but moving beyond that, autocompletion is opened with the <C-x><C-u> key combination

To get "as you type" auto completion you will need another plugin like YouCompleteMe

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