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I am creating a domain class named HOLIDAY in grails.I need to have a year dropdown in my Holiday year field. Hear is my domain:-

class Holiday extends CategoryMaster {

    String holidayName
    Date startDate
    int year
    Date dateCreated

    static constraints = {
        holidayName(blank:false, nullable:false)        

I need to a year dropdown in year field, Should it come dynamically from a domain method that will discard the month & day and reflect only year in that dropdown adding +50 -50 to that?... How can I get it?

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Assuming you have an instance of Holiday named holiday in scope, you can create the dropdown using something like:

<g:select name="year" from="${holiday.year - 50..holiday.year + 50}"

This will set the current value of the dropdown to holiday.year and offer a range 50 years either side of this.

As an aside, if year is the year of startDate, there is no need to store this as a separate field, as it can easily be computed via:

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