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This is a web service call which I wrote that is intended to receive a WAV file via a POST and store it in the web-app server's local file system (IIS). Is there a simple method to store the file and if so would someone be so kind as to provide a C# example?

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Is the intent here to offer a proper web service, i.e. SOAP-based, or are you talking in generic terms about a service which happens to be on the web and is provided from a web page? If it's the latter then SLaks answer below is appropriate. –  Lazarus Jul 7 '09 at 15:34
My first answer, not my second one –  SLaks Jul 7 '09 at 15:39

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You'll need to have write access to the directory you want to save to.

Make a FileUpload control, then call its SaveAs method in a postback.

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If you're writing a REST service, use the following code:

Request.Files[0].SaveAs(/* some file path */);

Either way, be aware of the security issues - make sure the filename has a .wav extension and don't trust the file to be correct.

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