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I have worked with NSUserDefault but this keychain concept is totally new for me.

I have tried looking for similar Questions but couldn't find the exact reason to do so.

What I have done:

I already know how to store data in NSUserDefault. and also the reason why do we need to store it.

Regarding Keychain I just know that storing in keychain stores the data with some extra security by encoding the original text while NSUserDefault stores the data as plain text. And it also stores the data even after the application is removed.

Is this the only reason for storing the data in keychain?

Edit: I got this link which says exactly what I have said.

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That's kind of a huge reason. If my bank stored my personal info in plaintext, I'd change banks. Same with my apps. – Jonathan Grynspan Jun 7 '12 at 10:54
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Keychain data is more secure in comparision of NSUserDefault. and keychain data also in device after remove application from device. For more about keychain wrapper read this.

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maybe LKKeychain could help:

LKKeychain class is a tiny keychain services wrapper. It provides:

Add account Update account Delete account Dump accounts (for debug)

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