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I have just installed emacs for fedora.I want to use emacs to write ruby. What are the tools,extensions needed that provide me code hinting,code completion type features for ruby ?

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ruby-mode is already included from Emacs 23 onwards. It's also available via ELPA though. Some other things you might be interested in are integrating RVM, feature-mode (Cucumber), rspec-mode, ruby-electric, inf-ruby, rinari (for Rails) etc. Here's my current Emacs configuration for Ruby development:


I also wrote a blog post on this topic once, it's a bit outdated and my config has changed since then, but it's better documented and maybe helps you in getting started:


If you use yasnippet you can find Ruby completions here: https://github.com/bmaland/yasnippet-ruby-mode

If you are completely new to Emacs, you might want to start out with Emacs Prelude or the Starter Kit:

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