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Let's say I have a project(UI) which has a git submodule(Data layer). I'll often change both the submodule and the main git repo. Is it possible to modify files in both and commit them together?

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They're in two separate repositories, so no, a single commit can't be used to commit both of them. In fact, since submodules usually exist in a "detached HEAD" state, you don't want to commit there without making sure you're going to generate reachable commits.

You could probably write a short shell script to take care of this for you (that is, you run the shell script with a commit message and it takes care of making all the necessary commits), but this is going to be a little tricky -- committing a change in the submodule will require a commit in the parent repository, so the order in which you do things is important. Ensuring that the submodule is not in a detached state should be a simple git checkout master, but what if that fails?

If you are often changing both at the same time, are you sure they need to be separate repositories?

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