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Considering a Java class constructor that take two parameters but allows the second to be null.

public class Category {
    String name;
    @JsonIgnore Category parent;
    Category(String name,Category parent){ = name;this.parent=parent;}

I skipped the serialization of parent with @JsonIgnore annotation because I don't need it. Now Jackson is not capable to deserialize it because it don't find the parent property in the resulting Jason.

Is there any another solution but to define a constructor taking only the name parameter?

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It is ok to have named constructor parameters that are missing -- you will simply get null instead of value. So you could just have:

public Category(@JsonProperty("name") String name, @JsonProperty("whatever") Category parent) { ... }

and whatever is found is passed. No exception will be thrown; Jackson never requires a property to exist. It just complains about things it does not recognize (unless configured not to).

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