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Is SQL Express 2008 available for corporate, business and government use? Are there restrictions I am not reading about? I know it is free, but I just want to make sure I am not stepping on any terms of use. Maybe I missed it when I clicked around Microsoft’s site, but I didn't see any terms referencing use restrictions specifically.

I am just asking about the legal use of the product. It is a product that meets my needs for a project, I just wanted to make sure I am not missing any legal terms that would prevent use.


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There are a number of restrictions on SQL Server Express that might not make it suitable for certain projects, but as far as I'm aware there is nothing in the license disallowing it.

See http://www.microsoft.com/Sqlserver/2005/en/us/compare-features.aspx for a detailed feature comparison, but essentially this boils down to:

  • It will only use a single CPU
  • It will only use 1GB of RAM
  • Your database size is limited to 4GB

So as long as you aren't putting it under excessive load or creating large databases you shouldn't have any problems.

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Apart from the technical limitations built into the product which limit RAM, database size, and number of CPUs utilized, the only real licencing terms (apart from your bog standard "we're not responsible if you kill yourself and this is not suitable for running nuclear power plants") is with regard to redistribution:

  • You must include all files and documentation noted in the licence - basically you can't steal bits and pieces and stick them into your product, you must distribute "Microsoft SQL Server Express" as a component piece. Just include the entire SQL Express installer binary.

  • You cannot state or imply that your product (which uses SQL Server Express as its database) is endorsed or approved by Microsoft in any way. If your product stinks, Microsoft does not want to share the blame.

  • You cannot use Microsoft/SQL Server's logos in the advertising or packaging of your product, for the same reason as the 2nd condition, unless otherwise allowed (such as if your product passed one of Microsoft's "x capable" programs, then you could stick that logo on your box)

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