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I have read through the documentation and hopefully I am just missing the correct "file://" url syntax (or relative path) for forge (forge://).

My src directory contains a local file named noconnection.html. My js directory contains a javascript file with the following code:

if (forge.is.connection.connected()) {
   // do cool stuff
} else {

Command line:

(forge-environment) forge run android

The modal "pops" up just fine (and has the little close button). However, the page has a big "web page not available" error - the web page noconnection.html might be temporarily down or it may have moved.

I have tried these without success to correctly display my simple "no connection" modal:





Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? Relative path? Thanks in advance.

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To get the path to the local page, you need to use the forge.tools.getURL method like this:

if (forge.is.connection.connected()) {
   // do cool stuff
} else {
   forge.tools.getURL('noconnection.html', function(path) {
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