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Let's say we have work1.xls and work2.xls

In work1 we have column A filled with Names and B with numbers
In work2 we have column with same Names (but more of them and in randomized order) and numbers

With default formula I can search for some Name in other XLS, check if it's different and display it.
For example in work2 i have column C with current (in current row) name number in work1
Also I have column D with number value(B) of same name in work1 and next columm to check are they equal

So work1.xls looks like
Bob  | 123
Tom | 456
Dog | 789

And work2.xls looks like

Bob  | 125 | 1 | 123 | False
Dom | 678 | # |   #   |  #
Tom | 456 | 2 | 456 | True
Cat   | 222 | # |   #   |  #
Dog  | 788 | 3 | 789 | False

Question is: how to make macro to CHANGE number to some name in work1 so I can select Bob's value in work2, press macro hotkey and value for Bob in work1 will take Bob's value from work2 (they could be in a different rows)


For i = 6 To 267 Step 1 //261 lines of data
   If (Sheets("01").Cells(i, 12).Value = False) And Not (IsEmpty(Sheets("01").Cells(i, 10).Value)) Then
         //if they not match AND line is not empty
                A = Sheets("01").Cells(i, 8).Value
                B = Sheets("01").Cells(i, 10).Value
                Sheets("0").Cells(B, lngCol).Value = A
   End If

Next i

I think this thing needs to be upgraded. ALSO need to add check: if there is no any "Dog" or whatever in Work 1 - insert it, and fill other columns with it's numbers and stuff. And not break loop cuz rows count is kinda fixed. And changing i durning loop isnt possible i think. Is there something like while/repeat?

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