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Hi I have an issue with import of product images.

I use Magento 1.6.2 and I want to import products with the import dataflow of Magento. I have my images in media/import - i import my dataflow with all the rows.

Example: the image 12345.jpg is in media/import/1/2/12345.jpg In the csv it looks like: "/1/2/12345.jpg"

But when I want to import my csv it says: "The image doesn't exist."

Why? Help. Thx

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It needs to go in the media/import folder then the CSV just says /image.jpg (where image.jpg is the actual filename of the image you're using). There's another answer I made with the details... I'll see if I can find it and paste the correct details in here. That link also has working CSV samples from my successful import.

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Removing the slash should do the job: "1/2/12345.jpg" instead of "/1/2/12345.jpg"

Here is a nice article which shows an example CSV with multiple media images upload.

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