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I have a REST API which exposes a URI to return a collection of employees in JSON. The URI is of the following format:


I now want to expose a URI which returns the number of employees grouped by, say, the office they work in and further information about the office. For example:

items: [{
           officeId: 1,
           officeName: "Big Office",
           switchboardTel: "123456789",
           numEmployees: 100
           officeId: 2,
           officeName: "Small Office",
           switchboardTel: "987654321",
           numEmployees: 30
        ... // etc.

What would be a suitable URI for this? I am thinking that given it returns information about the offices (along with the number of employees), then perhaps this information should be retrieved via the "offices" resource:


Alternatively, would the following URI be more suitable?


In my opinion, this seems slightly wrong as the response returns information about the offices, rather than the employees, along with an employee count.

Say I then wanted to expose a URI which returned the number of employees grouped by their age... would this belong to the "employees" resource, such as:


...or would it be better suited to creating an "ages" resource:


In my opinion, the "groupBy=age" option seems best here...but then that kind of makes the URI formats slightly inconsistent.

Basically, I want a consistent URI format to get a count of employees grouped by some criteria - and for the response to contain information about the grouping.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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