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I need to do some per-suite initialisation (starting a web-server). It is working fine except that when I run all tests in my project in eclipse my tests run twice. My test suite looks a bit like this:

public class TestSuite

public class SubtestOne
   @Test public void testOne() { [...] }

public class SubtestTwo
   @Test public void testTwo() { [...] }

When I run all test in project in eclipse this causes the junit plugin to run the tests twice like this:

  • SubtestOne
  • SubtestTwo
  • TestSuite
    • SubtestOne
    • SubtestTwo

Is it possible to make "run all test in project" not run the sub-tests twice? I want my sub tests to be only ever run as part of the suite.

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could you provide the test fixtures for SubTestOne & SubTestTwo? –  Sumit Bisht Jun 7 '12 at 12:28

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No, the test class will always be started directly and then through the "link" in the suite. This is as expected.

One workaround might to set in the run configuration to only run tests from the package which contains your suites. Open the run configuration and select Run all tests in the selected project, package or source folder then click Search... and select the package.

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This edited run configuration does not seem to be launched when I press alt-shift-x,t on the project though? (which is what I do on the rest of my projects so keep doing by accident!) –  flamingpenguin Jun 7 '12 at 17:03
Through eclipse, you can also directly right-click the package and select 'run as-> JUnit Test' to run only the contents of that package. –  user2316667 Jul 30 '14 at 18:52

I have an idea for you. Actually you do not want to run these test case as stand-alone test cases. You can do the following.

Mark the test cases with annotation @RunWith(DoNothingRunner.class)

Implment DoNothingRunner as following:

public class DoNothingRunner extends Runner {
    public Description getDescription() {
              return "do nothing";
    public void run(RunNotifier notifier) {
            // indeed do nothing

I have not tried this personally but I hope this will work.

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I did the same then it stopped running even once –  Sanjiv Oct 14 '14 at 13:30

do you need the suite in the first place ? depending on when you click for run all (class, package, or src/test/java), all underlying tests will be executed. So what's the point of having a suite ?

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