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I'm trying to mesh together several stages of templating in a smooth maintainable way. I have an outer page which has a smarty object instantiated and that includes another php page which instantiates a different smarty object. My question is if there is any way to assign a variable in the outer instance and have it accessible in the inner instance.

Schematically I'm calling page.php:

$tpl = new Smarty();
$tpl->register_function('load_include', 'channel_load_include');
function channel_load_include($params, &$smarty) {
    include(APP_DIR . $params["page"]);


<div> {load_include page="/otherpage.php"} </div>


$tpl2=new Smarty();


<span id="pretentiousReference"> "Richard loves {$a}, that is I am {$b}" </span>

And I'm seeing: "Richard loves , that is I am I"

Is there a way to access the outer instance's variable from the inner instance or should I just dump it in $_SESSION and pull it with a {php} tag? Obviously my application is a tad more complicated but this exposes what I believe to be the core problem.

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Don't know if it fits your need but you could maybe have several stages of smarty rendering, like {$a} and <@$b@> –  Jerome WAGNER Jun 7 '12 at 12:33
Another idea is to use the {include} plugin to include a subtemplate instead of a sub-php ; smarty.net/docsv2/en/language.function.include.tpl ; they share assignation variables –  Jerome WAGNER Jun 7 '12 at 12:35
@JeromeWAGNER, that would work in the simple case that I've shown here but would require impractically large rewrites for my real app. I need a solution that leaves the overall hierarchy intact. –  mmdanziger Jun 7 '12 at 14:21

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You can build chains of smarty / template / data instances to make data accessible to different instances.

Assigning a Smarty instance as the parent of another one:

$outer = new Smarty();
$outer->assign('outer', 'hello');
$inner = new Smarty();
$inner->parent = $outer;
$inner->assign('inner', 'world');
$inner->display('eval:{$outer} {$inner}');

alternatively you could pull your data out:

$data = new Smarty_Data();
$data->assign('outer', 'hello');
$outer = new Smarty();
$outer->parent = $data;
$inner = new Smarty();
$inner->parent = $data;
$inner->assign('inner', 'world');
$inner->display('eval:{$outer} {$inner}');

both output "hello world"

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