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is it possible to use sonata_type_collection against a custom form type instead of a property/relationship with another entity?

Something like this:

    $formMapper->add( 'foo', 'sonata_type_collection',
       array('type' => new \myVendor\myBundleBundle\Form\Type\BlockType() ) );

Which troughs me the following error

The current field `contingut` is not linked to an admin. Please create one for the target entity : ``

Thanks in advance! :)


Something like this did the trick:

    $formMapper->add( 'contingut', 'collection', array(                                 
        'type' => new \myVendor\myBundleBundle\Form\Type\Block1Type(),
        'allow_add' => true,
        'allow_delete' => true,
        'by_reference' => false ) );
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No one has ever used Model based forms in conjunction with Sonata? I mean, does everybody ever used SOnata, only, for Entity based forms? Thanks in advanced! –  user846226 Jun 8 '12 at 12:55

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Instead of a custom type in your example, you can also use a native entity type.

                                'type' => 'entity',
                                'allow_add' => true,
                                'allow_delete' => true,
                                'by_reference' => false,
                                'label' => false,
                                'options' => array(
                                    'class' => 'YourBundle:Car',
                                    'property' => 'name',
                                    'label' => false
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