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I am new to Python, trying to learn it by doing a tutorial based on "Dive into Python" book. I am already in chapter about SOAP and I encountered some problems, when I tried to install all required libraries to use SOAP. The tutorial says I need 3 libraries:

PyXML, fpconst, SOAPpy

I've installed fpconst succesfully. However I can't install two others. I read on some forum that to install SOAPpy I need to have PyXML already installed, so maybe the problem is only in the first library.

I followed instructions in README, but I'm getting some error and I don't really know what is wrong and how can solve it. See screen for details. My version of Python is 2.7.2+ and I am trying to install PyXML version 0.8.4.

Screenshot of error. Full size

The errors states that such file or directory does not exist. I am using Ubuntu 11.10.

PS: Ah! I forgot to mention that. I downloaded PyXML from this source :


And it it written here that it is out of date and one shouldn't use it. So what is an alternative to PyXML?

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If you are using Ubuntu, why not just install these with your package manager?

sudo apt-get install python-lxml python-fpconst python-soappy

The package manager should be your preferred way to install any software in a Linux distro - it will make your life a lot easier, and ensure you keep things up-to-date and can easily uninstall them.

Failing that, you could also use PyPi - the Python Package Index.

pip install lxml
pip install fpconst
pip install soappy
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Thanks - that was helpful. I didn't think of 'apt-get' when I saw clear instructions on site to download the tar file and then run it with 'python setup.py install'.Also thanks for mentioning about PyPi - it can be helpful for me in future. – koleS Jun 7 '12 at 13:15
Package management is something a lot of people find unusual. As different distros do it differently, websites will almost always just offer your a source tarball, but you should always check your package manager first - big distros have packages for virtually everything. – Gareth Latty Jun 7 '12 at 13:16

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