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I am manually building docking support into a .NET MDI Form. Unfortunately the form is not WPF based and is instead a classic windows form with IsMdiContainer set to true.

I need to know the visible dimensions of the MdiClient that is encapsulated within the border that is drawn around it. I cannot use the MdiClient.ClientRectangle as this size can change to be larger than the visible dimensions. (For example, when a MDI Child is drug outside of the visible border of the MdiClient, the MdiClient's ClientRectangle resizes and scrollbars are added.)

How the Docking Works

When a user drags a dockable form near the visible border of the MdiClient a hashed rectangle is drawn on the MdiClient near that border. This hashed rectangle indicates that the form can be docked. When the user mouses up, a panel control (that is not a child of the MdiClient and is instead docked to the MdiParent) is displayed and the dockable form is removed from the MdiClient and added to the panel.


  • Not all MdiChild forms are dockable. Some will be allowed to be drug outside of the MdiClient's visible border.

  • The dockable forms have to be MdiCildren as they will be undocked when the user chooses to undock them.

  • When undocked, the dockable forms will need to be tiled and cascaded along with other MdiChild forms. The dockable forms will also need to be able to be displayed behind other MdiChild forms when those other forms are active.


I have the docking mechanism working well for the left and top borders of the MdiClient, but without the right and bottom bounds of the visible portion of the MdiClient I cannot make docking work on those sides.

Can you point me to any sample code that will help me find the dimensions of the visible portion of the MdiClient?

I have searched Google for a couple of days but cannot find the answer to my question. I would have no problem using NativeMethods to resolve this issue but I cannot find a resolution there either.

Thanks for your time.

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MDI is grossly unsuitable for creating docked layouts. Type "weifenluo" in a google query and take the first hit. – Hans Passant Jun 7 '12 at 13:11
Thanks for this link. I will have to check to see if the MIT license is acceptable for commercial use. If not, then it appears my only other option is to not make the dockable forms MDI child forms. If only the MdiClient would indicate its visible dimensions. – JasonC Jun 7 '12 at 13:23

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