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I'm using Contact Form 7 plugin in a WordPress template. I created the form and the related CSS, so everything is working fine. I need to do the following, when I click the send button and I have a successful sent email. the form should disappear and shows "Sent!" instead of that. I need to know the code that I need to change. Please see the photo that shows what I like to do

enter image description here

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It's quite annoying that the developer of Contact Form 7 simply states that it is not necessary to jump to a new page after submitting a form. He does not seem to understand that showing the form even after it is submitted, is confusing to the user. –  Kokodoko Apr 14 at 11:24

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In order to hide contact form 7 you have to add the following code, in the setting section of the contact form 7 you already generate it

on_sent_ok:  "document.getElementById('contactform').style.display = 'none';"

'contactform' is the id of the "div" that includes the tags of your contact form.

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Doesn't this also hide the 'sent / success' message? –  Kokodoko Apr 14 at 11:23
This solution will not write "Sent !", it's just to hide the contact as a reaction for sending an email. –  HTML Man Apr 18 at 13:46
'Sent / success' is automatically displayed in Contact Forms 7 after clicking submit. It would be best if the original form is hidden, but the 'sent' message remains visible. Quite a strange omission for such a powerful plugin. –  Kokodoko Apr 18 at 13:54
This is no longer valid after updates to the plugin. The success message is now contained within the <form> tag of markup, so when you apply this solution, the success message gets hidden too. –  egr103 Sep 4 at 10:28

If you just want to hide the form and don't want to use script you can do this:


    font-size: 18px;
    display: none;

Then in my HTML after the Contact Form 7 short code, I put:

<div id="thankYou">Thank you</div>

Finally in my settings I use:

on_sent_ok:  "$('#thankYou').show()"

I like this approach best because it allows me to actually show a message (unlike other answers that just hide the form). This also seems to reduce some of the "flash" I was seeing as the hide happens instantly thanks to pure CSS.

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Yes this is by far the best approach to use, although not necessarily for those users with screen readers. –  egr103 Sep 4 at 10:50
I don't like this, because it requires extra work, and more importantly working knowledge of how to write HTML. Most people use WP because they aren't developers, specifically my clients. So this is more difficult to try to explain to a client. Much easier to do as I've said and continue to use the success field built into WP7. See my answer here. –  Jeremy Miller 4 hours ago
on_sent_ok:  "$('.wpcf7-form.sent p').hide();"

Since the sent message is placed into the form once the form is submited, we need to hide all paragraphs to avoid hiding the message (which is marked up as a DIV).

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You can add HTML characters to your success messages. This is a bad idea, because if you've also added a <p> in your success message this is also removed. –  Jeremy Miller 4 hours ago

Everyone has kind of touched on this, but no one has specifically said it, so I'll just post another answer with how I am doing it currently.

You can use what some of the other answers have suggested and use on_sent_ok in the "additional settings" section of CF7. But first in the "form" field you need to wrap your entire form contents in a div that we will reference later:

<div id="form-container">
     <h4>Form title</h4>
     <p>some text, etc</p>
     ...form fields...

We'll use #form-container" to reference in the options.

on_sent_ok:  "$("#form-container").fadeOut();"

I like to use fadeOut(); because of the animation, but you can add a class, or do whatever other fancy stuff you want there via jQuery.

My reason for doing it this way is so that I can target exactly what I want to hide instead of relying on whatever element that is created by CF7 in the DOM.

I think this answers your question without causing any conflicts with the success message.

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You'll want to look into the JQuery Post Method, as well as the Wordpress Codex on AJAX if you want to send the data without loading another page.

To have the form detect whether or not information has been sent without AJAX would require you to send the information to the same page via an empty action and fill the contents of your form with information conditional upon the existence of POST data. Example:

<form action="" method="POST">
    if($_POST['submit'] === 'Send')
        $to = 'your_email_here@admin.com';
        $subject = 'Mail Form Submission';
        wp_mail($to, $subject, $_POST['user_message']);
    <label for="user_name">Name</label>
    <input type="text" name="user_name" />
    <label for="user_email">Email</label>
    <input type="text" name="user_email" />
    <label for="user_message">Message</label>
    <textarea name="user_message"></textarea>
    <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Send">

Let me know if this helps.

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Well, I'm using a contact form 7 plugin. So should I write that code in a specific file or what ? –  HTML Man Jun 7 '12 at 13:41
This example was actually not for Contact Form 7, but rather just a very basic AJAX-less form to give you an idea on how forms work. Read the documentation I sent for information on how to integrate AJAX with Contact Form 7. –  maiorano84 Jun 7 '12 at 14:02
The Contact Form 7 Website also has a lot of useful information. After looking into these things, feel free to update your question with what you've tried if you still need help. –  maiorano84 Jun 7 '12 at 14:05
well to be honest... i do my best to solve that. but i could not. well, could you help me... i dont till this moment know which file should i look or change it's totally complicated ! –  HTML Man Jun 9 '12 at 7:30
I appreciate what you're trying to do, but this is way more complex than what the OP was asking for. Much easier to utilize what CF7 has built; on_sent_ok: –  Jeremy Miller 4 hours ago

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