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Is it possible to make redmine intercept the commit messages and act, like on assembla, if I commit and write fix #12 than issue 12 status changes to fix. Any plugin for this behavior?

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No plugin needed, it works the same way as it works for SVN or mercurial.

However, in order for redmine to pick up the new commit messages, you either have to open the repository page in redmine, or schedule a task to do so regularly.

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Redmine has this functionality by default. You can use refs, references, IssueID for references and fixes, closes for fixing issues. You can also add your own keywords to be parsed from redmine and do stuff to your issues.

You can find more info on documentation

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as @afarazit said, plus you probably want the issues to update live in Redmine without needing to manually enter in the Repository tab to force the refresh.
That can be done by using this server-side post-receive hook:



curl -k "http://REDMINE_SERVER_URL/sys/fetch_changesets?key=$_apikey&i
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This doesn’t work as intended and gives a signal 13 error, but simply adding while read oldrev newrev refname do … done around the curl command fixes it. – Rafael Mar 6 '14 at 21:01

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