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I want Carousel to stop swiping at start and end of the pages.
I mean to prevent the end page to swipe to the right and the start page to swipe to the left:


Is there any config or some other way to implement it?

Thank you in Advance.

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Check this out LockableCarousel class: – trkaky Nov 21 '12 at 10:55

By default, ST2's carousel component has this configuration. So, you need not put in any extra effort to achieve this.

Look at this example from Sencha's website. When you reach the last item, it will prevent swiping to the right and when you are on first item, it will prevent swiping to the left.

Ext.create('Ext.Carousel', {
    fullscreen: true,

    defaults: {
        styleHtmlContent: true

    items: [
            html : 'Item 1',
            style: 'background-color: #5E99CC'
            html : 'Item 2',
            style: 'background-color: #759E60'
            html : 'Item 3'
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Thank you for your response. Maybe I didn't exactly explain what I wanted. For the last card, it is swipe to the right BUT automatically swipe back and prevents swiping. Ok. But I don't want this. I don't want to even swipe to right then go back. I want to 'Lock' swiping the last card. In the above example, I don't want to see the White background when I swipe to left on 'Item 1' card. Could I explain what I wanted? Thanks in Advance. – Natasha Jun 7 '12 at 18:22

You can create your own carousel and then override the onDrag event following is the code form Ext.carousel.Carousel

Ext.define('Ext.carousel.Custom', {
    extend: 'Ext.carousel.Carousel',

    onDrag: function(e) {
        if (!this.isDragging) {

        var startOffset = this.dragStartOffset,
            direction = this.getDirection(),
            delta = direction === 'horizontal' ? e.deltaX : e.deltaY,
            lastOffset = this.offset,
            flickStartTime = this.flickStartTime,
            dragDirection = this.dragDirection,
            now =,
            currentActiveIndex = this.getActiveIndex(),
            maxIndex = this.getMaxItemIndex(),
            lastDragDirection = dragDirection,

        if ((currentActiveIndex === 0 && delta > 0) || (currentActiveIndex === maxIndex && delta < 0)) {
            delta *= 0.5;

        offset = startOffset + delta;

        if (offset > lastOffset) {
            dragDirection = 1;
        else if (offset < lastOffset) {
            dragDirection = -1;

        if (dragDirection !== lastDragDirection || (now - flickStartTime) > 300) {
            this.flickStartOffset = lastOffset;
            this.flickStartTime = now;

        this.dragDirection = dragDirection;

        // now that we have the dragDirection, we should use that to check if there
        // is an item to drag to
        if ((dragDirection == 1 && currentActiveIndex == 0) || (dragDirection == -1 && currentActiveIndex == maxIndex)) {


reference :=Link

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