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I'm adding a new element into OL list using prototype. In order to use .firstChild property I'm using a cleanWhitespace() function before doing anything. This is working quite nice and if I'm tracing innerHTML of my OL after it is just a plain string as expected.

Then I'm adding a new LI item and it is added with whitespaces. Applying cleanWhitespace() function after adding new LI is not making any effect. Any ideas why?

Here is my bit of code:

$$('div.pagination > ol').each(function(item){
    item.cleanWhitespace(); // Working
    if(!item.firstChild.childElementCount) {
        var prevLi = document.createElement('li');
        prevLi.update('<a href="#">&laquo;</a>');
        item.insertBefore(prevLi, item.firstChild);
    item.cleanWhitespace(); // Not working

Thanks in advance.

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I'm not quite sure I understand why you're using cleanWhitespace here, but if it's only to use firstChild to not hit any text nodes, I'd definitely forego all that and just use Element#firstDescendant as it skips text and comment nodes. All of Prototype's DOM traversal methods (descendants, immediateDescendants, etc) skip the garbage you don't want.

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I'm using cleanWhitespace exactly to clean whitespace. My li elements have display:inline-block so I need no whitespace between them. Thus your answer makes no sense. Sorry. – Tim Bezhashvyly Jun 8 '12 at 7:40
Can you create a fiddle with relevant css and html? I don't think we're getting the whole picture here. – dontGoPlastic Jun 8 '12 at 14:12

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