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In Xcode when I NSLog things I get a lot of extra crud in the console output I would rather not have. Here is a typical example:

2012-06-07 10:07:26.046 IGV[13066:707] -[RootScrollView layoutSubviews] [Line 79] ratios - right 0.997 chrEnd 1.233. ThresholdLeft

How do I eliminate the 2012-06-07 10:07:26.046 IGV[13066:707]?


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You can use printf() instead of NSLog to get control over the entire string that is printed to the console.


float right = 0.997;
float chrEnd = 1.233;

printf("ratios - right %f chrEnd %f.", right, chrEnd);

Will give you something similar to what you want.

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