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While MSIL is a open Standard and there are runtimes written fot other OS than Windows (Mono) I was thinking about an implementation of the CLR in pure JavaScript. It would be really nice to run a .NET App (maybe Silverlight only) directly in the browser, without any browser plugin.

With the introduction of HTML5's typed arrays, the <canvas> element and XMLHttpRequest Level 2 there must be (in theory) a way to built a Silverlight/.NET runtime in pure JavaScript. (This has been done for flash too: Project "Gordon")

But the question I asked was: Would that work today?

I took a look at the Mono.Cecil source code, wich is really nothing simple. Would Javascript even been fast enough (today)? What about mobile devices?

Would there be a way to write a CLR, which downloads a XAP file from the server (by using AJAX), opens that, runs it and draws the UI onto a canvas?

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It is possible. Check out Fayde @ http://fayde.wsick.com. The site is just being launched even though the project has been under development for almost a year now.

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Wow, very cool! –  GameScripting Sep 30 '12 at 19:03

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