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I have a very weird problem with the code below. when numrows = 10 the Process loops completes itself and proceeds to finish. If the growing list becomes larger it goes into a deadlock. Why is this and how can I solve this?

import multiprocessing, time, sys

# ----------------- Calculation Engine -------------------
def feed(queue, parlist):
    for par in parlist:

def calc(queueIn, queueOut):
    while True:
            par = queueIn.get(block = False)
            print "Project ID: %s started. " % par
            res = doCalculation(par)


def write(queue, fname):
    print 'Started to write to file'
    fhandle = open(fname, "w")
    while True:
            res = queue.get(block = False)
            for m in res:
                print >>fhandle, m
    print 'Complete writing to the file'

def doCalculation(project_ID):
    numrows = 100
    toFileRowList = []

    for i in range(numrows):
        print "%s %s" % (multiprocessing.current_process().name, i)

    return toFileRowList

def main():
    parlist     = [276, 266]

    nthreads    = multiprocessing.cpu_count()
    workerQueue = multiprocessing.Queue()
    writerQueue = multiprocessing.Queue()

    feedProc = multiprocessing.Process(target = feed , args = (workerQueue, parlist))
    calcProc = [multiprocessing.Process(target = calc , args = (workerQueue, writerQueue)) for i in range(nthreads)]
    writProc = multiprocessing.Process(target = write, args = (writerQueue, 'somefile.csv'))

    feedProc.join ()

    for p in calcProc:
    for p in calcProc:


if __name__=='__main__':
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I think the problem is the Queue buffer getting filled, so you need to read from the queue before you can put additional stuff in it. For example, in your feed thread you have:


If you keep putting much stuff without reading this will cause it to block untill the buffer is freed, but the problem is that you only free the buffer in your calc thread, which in turn doesn't get started before you join your blocking feed thread.

So, in order for your feed thread to finish, the buffer should be freed, but the buffer won't be freed before the thread finishes :)

Try organizing your queues access more.

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That is true. It seems the buffer is the problem. Have to find a way to fix it. Thanks. – Danial Tz Jun 8 '12 at 8:54

The feedProc and the writeProc are not actually running in parallel with the rest of your program. When you have

proc.join ()

you start the process and then, on the join() you immediatly wait for it to finish. In this case there's no gain in multiprocessing, only overhead. Try to start ALL processes at once before you join them. This will also have the effect that your queues get emptied regularyl and you won't deadlock.

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Unfortunately, brining writProc.start() above the joins did not help. – Danial Tz Jun 7 '12 at 20:41
Start all the processes first before joining any of them feedProc.start() for p in calcProc: p.start() writProc.start() feedProc.join () for p in calcProc: p.join() writProc.join() – Philip Schaffner Jun 8 '12 at 10:08

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