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I have an App.WidgetView which is responsible for setting up and rendering a pretty expensive 3rd party ui element, lets call this ui element widget. This widget has a refresh() method. I defined a refreshWidget() method in App.WidgetView which calls widget.refresh().

App.WidgetView = Em.View.extend({
    content: null,
    widget: null,
    init: function () {
        //initialize widget using content
    refreshWidget: function () {

I have a list of WidgetViews rendered on my page using an #each loop pulling data from App.widgetController

{{#each App.widgetController}}
    {{view App.WidgetView contentBinding="this"}}

Now I need to have a refreshAll() method in App.widgetController and im not too shure how to do this cleanly. Right now I have a refresher property in App.widgetController which starts at 0 and gets incrimented every time refreshAll is called.

    refresher: 0,
    refreshAll: function () {

Then in App.WidgetView there is a refresherBinding which is bound to App.widgetController.refresher and an observer which calls refreshWidget when refresher changes

    refresherBinding: 'App.widgetController.refresher',
    refresherChanged: function () {

It does work, but im wondering if there's a clearner way to do it.

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Sounds like you should have a parent view that is responsible for implementing refreshAll, which then can loop through it's childViews telling them to refresh.

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