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I'm trying to schedule notifications on every 2 weeks at 12:00 (noon) by looping the following code...

unsigned unitFlags = NSYearCalendarUnit | NSMonthCalendarUnit |  NSDayCalendarUnit | NSHourCalendarUnit | NSMinuteCalendarUnit;

// Allocate new temporary calendar object with default timezone
NSCalendar *tmpCalendar = [[NSCalendar alloc] initWithCalendarIdentifier:NSGregorianCalendar];
[tmpCalendar setTimeZone:[NSTimeZone defaultTimeZone]];

// Allocate new temporary date components from the date to fire
NSDateComponents *tmpDateComps = [tmpCalendar components:unitFlags fromDate:dateToFire];

// Set time to '12.00'
[tmpDateComps setHour:12];
[tmpDateComps setMinute:0];

// Get new date to fire object based on date components
dateToFire = [tmpCalendar dateFromComponents:tmpDateComps];

NSLog(@"dateToFire %@", dateToFire);
// On 6th iteration = xx-xx-xxxx 09:00 +00:00
// On 11th iteration = xx-xx-xxxx 10:00 +00:00

// Allocate new temporary offset date components
NSDateComponents *tmpOffsetComps = [[NSDateComponents alloc] init];    

// Add a number of weeks
[tmpOffsetComps setWeek:2];

// Get new date to fire object based on offset date components
dateToFire = [tmpCalendar dateByAddingComponents:tmpOffsetComps toDate:dateToFire options:0];

NSLog(@"dateToFire %@", dateToFire);
//On 6th iteration = xx-xx-xxxx 10:00 +00:00
//On 11th iteration = xx-xx-xxxx 09:00 +00:00

Somehow when I log the dateToFire object inside the loop, on the 6th iteration I first get the correct xx-xx-xxxx 09:00 +00:00 but on the second log after I've added the offset components, I get xx-xx-xxxx 10:00 +00:00. The strange thing is that it gets back to correct time inside 11th iteration.

What am I doing wrong and how to fix this strange behavior?

As UIAdam stated, this was happening due to daylight saving so this is a normal behavior.

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What does your unitFlags look like? –  UIAdam Jun 7 '12 at 15:48
@UIAdam added initFlags –  micadelli Jun 7 '12 at 15:54
Do you have something equivalent to daylight savings/standard time in your location? I'm guessing that is what is adding/subtracting the extra hour. What are the actual dates it is printing when the hour changes? –  UIAdam Jun 7 '12 at 16:15
You are genius! Never thought that. Times do change after october 31st and back again after march 31st. TY! –  micadelli Jun 7 '12 at 16:21
@UIAdam you okay if I delete this question? –  micadelli Jun 7 '12 at 16:25

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The extra hour is appearing/disappearing due to the date crossing the boundary between daylight savings/standard time (or some equivalent in your locale).

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