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I'm trying to get a bunch of jQuery sortables to behave similarly to a droppable with the accept option set. Basically, I have a search function which returns products of three different types (say apples, bananas and citrus fruits) which can then be dragged (search results are jQuery draggable and use connectToSortable) into lists that are created by the user, and products are sortable within and between these lists. But I want each of these lists to only accept a single type of products, ideally giving the user visual feedback as to which lists can accept the item currently being dragged. Some example code:

<ul id="results">
    <li class="banana">Plantain</li>
    <li class="apple">Granny Smith</li>
    <li class="citrus">Orange</li>
    <li class="banana">Enset</li>
    <li class="apple">Golden Delicious</li>
    <li class="citrus">Lemon</li>

<ul class="section banana"></ul>
<ul class="section apple"></ul>
<ul class="section banana"></ul>
<ul class="section citrus"></ul>
<ul class="section apple"></ul>
<ul class="section apple"></ul>
<ul class="section citrus"></ul>

<script type="text/javascript">

    $("ul#results li").draggable({
        helper: "clone", 
        connectToSortable: "ul.section"

        connectWith: "ul.section"


In the example above I want the <ul>s which are of the class "apple" to only accept <li>s which are also "apple" etc, and when an "apple" is being dragged or sorted I want the "apple" <ul>s to be highlighted. Any idea how to achieve this?

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You could call .draggable for each section:

$('ul#results li.banana').draggable({
    connectToSortable: 'ul.section.banana'
$('ul#results li.apple').draggable({
    connectToSortable: 'ul.section.apple'
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Thanks Thomas, that solves the initial dragging - but once an item has been dropped in a sortable there is nothing that stops users from dragging it into a list of the wrong class. – John Schulze Jun 8 '12 at 14:20

Thanks to Thomas for setting me on the right track - I met the requirement by following his suggestion and applying the same method to the sortables, like so:

    connectWith: "ul.section.apple"
    connectWith: "ul.section.banana"
    connectWith: "ul.section.citrus"

And I got the highlighting to work by adding these handlers to the start and stop events of both the draggables and the sortables:

start: function(event, ui) {
stop: function(event, ui) {


Rather obvious really, when you think about it.

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