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Now that i have a WinFormApp with MenuStrip called "TargetForm", and it's embedded in another WinFormApp which's "HostForm", by calling the API function SetParent. But i found the MenuStrip cease to function no matter how i click on it

Seems that the TargetForm's MenuStrip has not realized that the mouse has been click when it was hosted by HostForm.

I'm using SPY++ to monitor the Windows messages on the TargetForm, and found WM_PARENTNOTIFY was raised when i click on the menu

Is it possible that i can post the Windows message WM_PARENTNOTIFY to the MenuStrip from HostForm?

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I would put the contents of the main form of the embedded app into a WinForms User Control (put it into a separate project), and embed the user control into both applications.

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But my problem is that I cannot click the menu when it's embedded into another app –  Leo.W Jun 8 '12 at 15:51

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