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Requirement : I have to do HTTP request authentication and authorization.This means one web app is deployed on tomcat and if request come for x servlet then it will ask for username and password (dont want to do it with BASIC authentication).While exploring the mechanism, I came across with JAASRealm My component is already using JAAS to authentication some other protocol message (SIP) so JAASRealm mechanism of Tomcat is suitable for me.

I stated reading and implementing a dummy app with this .

In Quick Start section, I have completed point 1.

1) I am not getting point 2 even after reading Link for authorization.

2) I have to make any entry in server.xml with Realm element.Here what is userClassNames and roleClassNames.

I am not getting how it works.I know i have to mention security-constraint, login-config, security-role in web.xml.

I am not able to imagine how tomcat will get to know about security-role role and one am using in JAAS.

Could you plz let me know the approach in order to use JAASRealm as per my requirement which is mentioned above.

Please help.I don't have much knowledge of JAAS, may be the reason am not able to understand.

I am using Tomcat 5.5.


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I would like to add that I am using Embedded Tomcat..means i am starting tomcat through java tomcatServer.start(); How would i let container know about JAASRealm...means...i need to code for the same...Is there any API's available.....Plz Help.... – VJS Jun 8 '12 at 4:08
Can someone help me... – VJS Jun 8 '12 at 4:11

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