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Is there a way to have 2 windows of files/projects open in netbeans? I want to have one of these windows pointed at one folder, and the other window pointed at another folder. When you have a lot of files and have to constantly switch between the two folders, it gets annoying to have to scroll that much each time.

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+1 If you ever find the solution to this, please do share the with the rest of us. Thanks. –  Joraid Mar 17 at 7:19
@Joraid Just open one 'Project' and one 'Files' window, like the answer below describes. –  Click Upvote Mar 17 at 9:59

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Haven't found a way to have 2 project windows open but I have stacked a project and a file window in the same pane. Just open both windows and drag one down to half size. Also you can undock (float) the windows and put them where ever you want.

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That's what I'm doing, works but sucks. They should add a way to open as many windows as needed, that's the whole point of OOP. –  Click Upvote Jun 8 '12 at 23:50

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